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Welcome to IdealTravelHosting, a subscription-based service which provides travel applications and develops solid end-user relationships with your customers, while obviating the substantial costs for hardware infrastructure upgrades, IT and content production staff. Our carefully selected team of experienced information professionals, with proven track records in each of the facets of the e-commerce industry, can provide full multi-disciplinary support, including software creation and textual content, application design and functionality, enabling technology and provision of network services. When selecting an ASP, consider that some are limited to creating customized solutions when there may already be proven solutions available, and some simply provide an outsourcing conduit to other ASPs. IdealTravelHosting’s team will work with you to fashion the best combination of original and outsourced solutions within your budget to ensure the highest degree of end-user loyalty. We look forward to working with you and becoming a part of your team.

The IdealTravelHosting Team


IdealTravelHosting provides the following services:

  • Text composition
  • Software design and creation
  • Enabling technology and tools creation
  • Network service provision
  • Application design and functionality
  • Outsource brokering when appropriate
  • Infrastructure and hosting service provision
  • Budget analysis
  • End-user relationship management
  • Multi-disciplinary consultation and support services

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